The Southern African Bitumen Association, established in 1979, is a non-profit organization that represents producers and applicators of bituminous products, consulting engineers, educational institutions and companies that provide ancillary services. Sabita is dedicated to the development and implementation of best practice techniques in health and safety as well as in environmental conservation in the bituminous products industry in southern Africa.

Safe Loading Pass (SLP)

Purpose of the SLP inspection

  1. To ensure that the vehicle complies with the minimum technical specification (Chapter 4) for a BRT that transports bitumen;
  2. To inspect the general condition of the tanker in terms of “fitness-for-loading” and road-worthiness.

Pre-requisites for the SLP inspection

The vehicle must be registered at the loading facility or an application for registration at the loading facility must have been submitted.

SLP inspection standard

  1. The vehicle will be inspected for compliance with the minimum technical specification (Chapter 4) and in accordance with the items as listed in the specification;
  2. The vehicle will be inspected for general condition, “fit-for-loading” and roadworthiness;
  3. The inspection standard and criteria are detailed in the SLP inspection sheet included in this CoP as Annexure 6.

SLP validity and withdrawal

  1. The SLP will remain valid for a period of 12 calendar months;
  2. The vehicle will be presented for an SLP inspection prior to the expiry date of the current SLP;
  3. The new SLP will be valid for twelve months from the first day of the month following the month during which the inspection took place;
  4. An SLP may be suspended or withdrawn in the event that the vehicle is found to be in breach of the technical requirements, has been involved in certain incidents or has been regularly rejected at entry inspections;
  5. If an SLP is suspended, certain conditions will be attached to the suspension. These conditions will determine what corrective action must be taken, whether the SLP will be re-instated after inspection of the corrective action only, or whether the vehicle has to undergo a complete SLP re-inspection.